I Smell Lentil Stew

We have so much to learn from the infamous story of Jacob and Esau. 

The elder brother, a rugged, red-haired hunter, returns from a day of hunting and sees the smoke rising into the sky; he smells the the pleasant aroma of his brother's culinary delights - a steamy pot of lentil stew. Jacob, his younger and more homely twin, serves up a bowl for the famished Esau but not without a steep price. Esau's hunger pangs and impatience drive him to the unthinkable: he exchanges his birthright - his identity and destiny as elder son of Isaac and grandson of Abraham - for a mere bowl of soup. What a tragic tale of limited vision! 

And yet, how many times each day do I smell the delicious aroma of spicy lentil stew wafting in the distance only to rush in for some immediate gratification, at the neglect of my identity and destiny as God's beloved child? Where am I sacrificing my inheritance at the banquet feast of Christ for temporary gratification of the world's buffet?


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