Feasting and Famine

Getting vulnerable for a moment here. Yesterday, Amber and I celebrated 14 years of marriage. My mother-in-law was able to come over somewhat unexpectedly on Monday so that Amber and I could go out on a date. We enjoyed Thai food at one of our favorite local spots, Sticky Rice, and then walked around downtown before ending at Punch for a drink and dessert (the Key Lime Bar is sublime). It was a joyful evening in which I was able to refrain from any words that might taint the celebratory mood!

We needed a night like that. Amber shared that in her perspective we had seven good years followed by seven really hard years. Seven years of feasting. Seven years of famine. If we follow the biblical narrative, what comes next? A time of settling in the land (albeit in Egypt prior to the future promised land), good pasture, flourishing, and enjoying favor in the empire, (nevermind the lead-up to 420 years of slavery!).

So, I'm choosing to place my faith in God's grace, in his redemption. With Christ at the center of my life and in our marriage, there remains hope of redemption.

At the Center

With me at the center
I keep searching for my glory
Clouded by sin and shame
Wandering about in a drifter's story
Identity lost
Paradise not found
Fear at each turn
Guilt my unsteady ground
Blown and tossed
Divided and rent
Like a branch once budding
Now lifeless and bent
What hope remains?
Upon my brow
No glory I gain
When suddenly
The story takes a turn
To a new horizon
For which I knew not I yearned
Not I but you
The destiny I seek
The air more pure and vista more grand
When you are the peak
Upon which I stand
Looking over the canyons
Cut by rivers of tears
To get to this place
You've brought me near
The name of this summit
Displays of your love
Strewn upon all of it
Mistakes no more my path
Failure no more my trail
Your holy friendship beside me
Guiding me for any fate unveiled
So the story has shifted
A better narrative it be
With you at the center
Rather than me


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