Never ending fun

Thanks to Christine One for opening my eyes to myheritage celebrity photo match...I'm easily amused :) It's not the most consistent thing, but fun nonetheless. Here are few photos I ran and some results.

73% Julia Roberts
72% Jerry Seinfeld


top matches:
Amber = 72% Julia Louis-Dreyfus (we've got the Seinfeld connection goin' on)
Ally = 64% Meryl Streep
me = 71% Fabio Cannavaro


64% Julia Roberts
63% Rivaldo...?? At least it's not Geraldo


top matches:
Dan = 54% Magic Johnson
Fred = 57% Hideki Matsui
me = 73% Robin Wright Penn...why do I get stuck being the girl and Fred and Dan get to be the athletes?


top matches:
my sis = 74% Shiri Appleby
me = 73% Jason Biggs


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