Inspire Me

I 'd like to try something new. Because photography inspires me to such a great extent, I'm going to try and make that a focus of my blog posts once a week. Yeah, I usually have a photo with my posts that hopefully further drills home my thoughts, but I'm going to just put up a singular photo and see what kind of feedback comes through. This week's photo was taken last summer in Colorado (not that it has anything to do with Colorado :), and I tweaked it a bit in Photoshop. You can see other "inspire me" photos in my newly created Flickr's still small in quantity of photos.

Any inspiring thoughts from this photo? Do you know what the subject is? :)


Is this your hand? It's a very cool picture, JK!
Jonathan King said…
ding ding ding. guess it wasn't so mysterious after all :)
Chairman said…
Hey - I just realized that your link to my page has a typo... and now that I think about it, probably for the best. I don't know that I want the responsibility of inflicting my thoughts on unsuspecting souls. Anyway, we'll catch you soon.

Jonathan King said…
You mean it's not Charmain Gau...that souds so much more dignified than just plain old Chairman Gau. Or perhaps just a bit closer to the toilet paper maker...maybe that's it.

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