Equine-shaped Christology

Written after encountering a horse named April at The Springs retreat in Indiana.

Calm, mild, gentle

Sweet, warm, kind and near

I touch your cheek

I feel drawn in - yet, fear

For you, a majestic beast, can crush me

A broken sternum with one blow

Strength and fierceness

Like none I know,

And yet I cannot pull away

Your strength you lay low

Offering to lead me to places

I would not go

Mountain passes

Bucolic meadows

Tranquil water's edge

Forested trails

Sweeping vistas;

Never alone,

Your power and gentleness

my guide,

Your nearness and otherness

my wonderment.

O Christ,

let your heart of meekness and might

love me out of the shadows of fear

and into the light of your embrace.


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