Why Home Alone is the Best Christmas Movie

Of all movie genres, I would venture to say that the category of "Christmas" movies most certainly have to be the object of more nostalgic passion than perhaps any other film genre.

There are many Christmas movies I look forward to watching each December: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Elf, Charlie Brown's Christmas, It's a Wonderful Life, Frosty the Snowman, Ernest Saves Christmas and more.

But, none takes the cake like Home Alone.

The musical scores composed by John Williams are magical. The entire "home alone" scenario is brilliantly constructed - the unruly Kevin McCallister vs. the wily Wet Bandit duo is an epic, hilarious, ingeniously crafted David vs. Goliath drama. I could go on.

But, you want to know my favorite part of the Home Alone story? It's the reconciliation that Kevin instigates between his once-terrifying neighbor, Old Man Marley, and Marley's son.

The boundary-crossing relationship between Kevin and this elderly gentleman and then the enemy-love victory between an estranged father and son? That's the heart of what Christmas is. That's the gem hidden in the rough of an Advent season in which we lean into waiting, watching and longing for the manifestation of God's arrival.

Christmas is a reconciliation story and Home Alone delivers in an unexpected way for Hollywood that is easy to pass by. I cry every time that final scene plays out - when Kevin observes from his bedroom perch the joyful embrace of father and son. In fact, I'm crying now, as the scene unfolds in my mind!

All creation was a slave to division, enmity, and estrangement, but our good Triune God, in his boundless mercy, came to us. He's the father who rushes out to the prodigal son and wraps him up in an undignified embrace.

So, what other unexpected gospel-moments do you notice in your familiar holiday movies? God is loving and pursuing you, even in the midst of Hollywood's script.


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