The necessary movements for my soul

bonsai tree
When I look at the inward curvature of my soul - that is the false self, the imposter self, the flesh, or the external self which lives for self-preservation, is quick to make idols out of finite, created goods, and too often agrees with the accusations and allurements of the evil one - I see some particular features which dominate the landscape.

These features can only be leveled by the power of Christ in me. "Until Christ be formed in you." "Make straight the paths in the wilderness." "Make every effort to add to your faith goodness." My efforts do not garner me favor with my Father. Only his effort - the merciful good news of "It is finished" - gives me peace and hope. Only the security of being Abba's beloved child furnishes my soul with the necessary identity from which to pursue these movements. The kingdom heart - one that is living now in the eternal Kingdom of the Heavens - is beckoned toward these movements:


Comparison to Connection
Criticism to Careful words
Callousness to Compassion
Consumerism to Contentment
Concealment to Confession
Hurry to Presence
Despair to Joyful Hope
Apathy to Action
Might to Mercy
Ignorance to Gratitude

Paul writes: "what counts expressing itself through love."

The kingdom heart makes room for mercy to move in.
The kingdom heart looks at King Jesus who sought my welfare at great cost to himself and then turns to show show sacrificial goodness to my neighbors.


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