Ich Habe Genug. Do I believe this?

 When you drive a maroon Toyota Sienna, you see maroon Toyota Siennas as if there are no other models on the road. They’re everywhere! Does everyone own this same minivan?

Lately, a theme has caught my eye everywhere I gaze: podcasts, songs, books, Scripture, tweets. What is that theme? Materialism, consumerism, earthly treasures and the dangers of greed.

How is greed at work in my soul? Am I more focused on laying up treasures on earth or in heaven? Am I simply a product of my age – one who is defined as a sum of his consumer choices? Do I live as if I truly believe I have enough in Christ?

Admittedly, there’s trepidation to have answers laid out before me. Like the travelers in the sci-fi film, The Room, who travel tirelessly to the “room” where they’ve learned they’ll be given what their hearts truly desire but then hesitating at the threshold once they arrive because they aren’t sure they really want what they want, I feel hesitant to know what my heart truly wants!

There’s a beautiful piece composed by Bach titled Ich habe genug which he wrote based upon the words from Luke’s gospel when Simeon held the Christ child in his arms and declared: “I have enough.” That sentiment sums up the Christian’s faith, does it not? I have enough in Christ. I am satisfied in Him. He is my living water, my bread from heaven, my breath, my redemption, my resurrection, my hope, my joy.

Do I live with this “I have enough” spirit, or am I too easily turned to the Siren’s call of consumerism and earthly treasures?

Take care, Jesus says. Take care and be on guard against every form of greed, for man’s life does not consistent in the abundance of his possessions. How tragic to be rich in the world and yet fail to be rich in God, Jesus warns.

Ich habe genug.


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