From the lips of a 20 month old

Three memorable quotations from the lips of our walking tape recorder, Anna, utter on this past Father's Day weekend:

1. While sitting in a time out, we hear Anna begin to whimper and then she stops and these words fall from her lips: "Daddy back soon. Patient."

2. Walking back into the kitchen to get herself some seconds from the stovetop, Amber asked me, "You want more, babe?" A few minutes later, while the three of us sat at the table, Anna decided to chime in, "Want more babe?" I interpreted first and when I let Amber know what she was saying, we erupted in laughter. This, of course, was a cue for Anna to basically put those three words on repeat for the next five minutes.

3. As we loaded into the Buick Sunday morning, from her car seat, Anna with her finger in her nose says, "Booger out." It didn't take long for mommy to confess as the culprit who accidentally taught our precious daughter these adorably gross words :)


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