Cosmos from Chaos

At the encouragement of a mentor friend, I am reading two selected works this summer that discuss the intersection of being a Christian and an artist. I would say that the selections were hand-picked by the Spirit, because neither were recommended, but both have already invited me into an important conversation that has been latent in my life. The two books are Creative Call, by Janice Elsheimer and Walking on Water, by Madeleine L'Engle.

I am just wading into these books, but these authors have already served me by helping me slow down and remember to just be.

We are fools if we continually rush around in a flurry of hurriedness or even do nothing with a gravity of guilt or slothfulness. I am given to both and I need the encouragement of these writers - who are channels of the Spirit's voice to my spirit - to help me remember that in being we can listen, we can remember, we can heal, we can receive from our heavenly Father whose "greatness no man can fathom."

In being, I can perhaps be still long enough to hear the call to become like a child and in that becoming, to be filled with a rush of wonder, imagination, emotion, creativity, simplicity and worship. Perhaps, then, I can grow eyes to see the world about me as my Lord sees it. Rather than continually looking through things with cynical eyes, leaving me in a vacuum of loneliness, pride and despair, I can receive new eyes, trained to see the unseen - "the impossible, but probable." That is when creation happens, as a human participating with the divine, forming "cosmos from chaos" with contours of Beauty and tones of Truth.


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