Urban Farms Update

It continues to amaze Amber and I how the different pieces of this Urban Farms puzzle keep coming together. Nathan has really trusted God in this risky, oversized endeavor and it's fun to watch! He's gotten himself in over his head and those are exactly the places where God likes to show up and bring glory to His name.

Just to think: five months ago there was nothing on paper and now we are approaching the development of a full-scale agricultural development project for this neighborhood that will provide vital agricultural job training, local produce, a redemption of abandoned space, a connection to creation for urban dwellers, a reconnection to the land for some of our agrarian refugee neighbors, etc.

The city of Memphis is eager to support this work and Brewster elementary school is equally enthusiastic and has some great vision to provide a real world garden laboratory for their students. Presently, we are trying to gather input from our neighbors: current purchasing habits, type of produce desired, location of farmer's market, etc.

So, on Saturday, our friends - the Cooks - hosted a T-shirt release party for the Urban Farms that will be soon underway. Many votes were cast for different designs, but the vote was so close that Nathan had to finally ask the opinion of a trusted individual from the neighborhood ... and the winner is:

Amber even won a door prize - a garden starter kit. It pays to be married!


Chairman said…
Yeah. I agree with what the first dude said.
Jonathan King said…
Care to translate? On second thought, hold off on that :) Good to know you're still alive and kickin, Ro. I've tried contacting you a couple times - has your number changed? Or maybe you're just as good as me at screening your calls.

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