On day two, we were visited by Gabriel Salguero of New York and Jim Wallis, founder of Sojourners.

Salguero was a very engaging communicator and his wife was on stage to do simultaneous translation in Spanish. They made a hilarious duo. He told the story of his adolescent bully who would steal his lunch money and exhorted us to work together to take on the "grande, fuerte, feo" bullies of our day.

Wallis also encouraged us to synergize our efforts as the Body of Christ as we battle the injustice in our land. If our faith doesn't spill over and bring about change in society, then it's not revival, he said.

Perhaps the most challenging things that Wallis shared were the prayers of his two young boys, ages 6 and 11.

"Dear God. I want to pray for all of the hungry and homeless and sick people. you know there's a lot? Any comments or questions?"

"Dear Jesus. I want to pray for the 25,000 kids today who will die today from hunger and other stuff....Could you make that stop? that's dumb...Could you send people to help them all? that's dumb...God, Could you make this the best day they've ever had."


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