Amber's 2nd Day on the Job

From Amber:

It's my second day of work and I almost started crying. My desk is in the front of the office, so I act as somewhat of a receptionist. A few days ago, BDC did a television promotion of it's job training program. The program hires around 4 folks to work in construction four days a week and on the fifth day the trainees do book work, financial training, and Bible study. The program lasts 6-9 months. Upon graduation the trainees are typically hired by a local construction company to continue their education and continue their income. In the past 2 days I have been working around 10 people have filled out applications that I added to the stack of 15. A few have even stopped by the office to check on the status of their application or bring pictures in of their work and construction experience. Did I mention the program only takes 4 people? Every 6-9 months..
And that is why I almost started crying as I handed out yet another application. People are desperate for work. I don't have the heart to tell these gentlemen that the odds are not in their favor to get accepted into the program. How do we get jobs for people? What's to keep them off the streets and away from drugs if there is no alternative for them? I hate sitting here feeling helpless and overwhelmed. I'm learning the lesson many have learned before me: I can give a man a fish and feed him for today, or teach a man how to fish and feed him for life.
Lord, would you provide jobs? Would you show us how we can help?


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