Wednesday Update

For the past five days, Amber and I have largely been settling into our house. And today, I can say, that apart from hanging a few pictures, we are done! Knowing that we are likely only going to be in this specific house for one year (it is owned by SOS and provided for Academy interns each year), we were extra motivated to get things arranged quickly so we could maximize our use of the house without our stuff being scattered everywhere.

Today we hopped over to SOS headquarters (only a few blocks away) to grab a few tools to start attacking the yard. It's nice having a "free" hardware store at our disposal! We trimmed some bushes and raked the yard, which is weird b/c neither of us have had a yard before that we are responsible for.

Last night, Eric and Shelly and their two kids stopped by the house. Eric is a former SOS director and former SOS Academy director. He and his family will be moving to Montana in a couple months, where Shelly will be starting a new job at a hospital. They have a boy and a girl; their daughter was just adopted five months ago. I don't understand the whole process, but basically they were on a list to adopt a child from Memphis and they could receive news that a baby was being given up at a moment's notice. And that's what happened. Whoa!

We also met our next door neighbor, Hah, who is Vietnamese. He doesn't speak much English!


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