A group of guys from Noel's church up in Michigan (a sister church) has started a "beer ministry" called River-Brew : Quality over Quantity.

Read this. http://www.walktherazor.com/2008/02/29/riverbrew-makes-the-paper/

Let's just be honest. This is pretty sweet. Pretty unique. Definitely edgy. But we need more people willing to step out there and connect with the world and reduce the stereotypes about Christians and alcohol. Haven't formed a complete opinion about what they are doing, but I really wanted to pass the word around.

What do you think?


Ben said…
I like the idea! I've had many good conversations and good bonding moments over a good beer or a glass of wine. I think it's a joy that's there for us to take pleasure in together. Plus it really is a great thing to normalize alcohol use.

There seems to always be a group in America taking something to the extreme and another group swearing the thing off altogether as evil. I think both are mistakes.

I think it would be a hard case to make that the Biblical view of alcohol is one of complete abstinence. Sure some will take that route and that's fine, but people who don't find that necessary should lead in a healthy appreciation. Quality over Quantity. That's a great motto. Grab the one $4 Rogue Dead Guy instead of the four $1 Bud Lights. Sip your whiskey rather than shoot it.

And of course, be sensitive to those who have problems with alcohol, but I don't think it's healthy to restrict ourselves to the lowest common denominator just to avoid making anyone uncomfortable. That's an impossible task anyway.

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