Teaching to Change Lives

I just finished up Teaching to Change Lives, an excellent book by Howard Hendricks. His humor, wit and stories from years of experience make this a challenging and practical read. I highly recommend it for anyone involved in teaching, mentoring or leading, or for anyone who just wants to be challenged in the ways that you approach learning. The flesh of his book is laid upon a skeleton of seven propositions:

“The effective teacher always teaches from the overflow of a full life”

“The way people learn determines how you teach.”

“Maximum learning is always the result of maximum involvement.”

“To truly impart information requires the building of bridges.”

“Teaching that impacts is not head to head, but heart to heart.”

“Teaching is most effective when the learner is properly motivated.”

“The teaching-learning process will be most effective when both teacher and learner are adequately prepared.”


JOjo said…
Hey, just dropping by to say I've just got my copy today and i know it's going to be great! I'm so excited to read the book.

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