Map My Run

Here is a new internet toy for some of you runners out there who may be unfamiliar. I had used GMaps pedometer prior to this, but I've recently fell in love with It is a great, interactive tool for runners. You can not only easily trace a running route, but you can do other fun stuff like create a profile and keep an online training log of all of your running stats.


Chairman said…
I don't know - seems difficult. I think you need simple procedures, with established mile markers. For example:

1. Pay entry fee (cash only) to me at the Speedway gas station on Lincoln Ave.

2. Run to I-74, westbound. Head 13 miles, look for mile marker 171.

3. At mile marker 171, run across traffic to the I-74 eastbound side of the road.

4. Run back to the Lincoln Ave. exit, and take a right on Lincoln.

5. Head to the gas station to collect a t-shirt and a coupon for a free glass of water from the hose at the gas station.

Marathon in 5 easy steps. No websites needed :-)
Chuck said…

This is exactly what I was looking for to start running upon arrival back in CU. I am back by the way.

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