At the table

Tolerance is weak
Love is power

We’ve been the ones having the door opened for us
We’ve been the ones pointing the finger at them
It’s they that have been silenced
It’s them that we have ignored
It has been about us and not them

We’ve spoken words that do not leave us uneasy
And tolerated their presence all around
We’ve consumed our time struggling to satisfy our appetites
For things we do not need
Our focus has been on the mirror instead of the light source

In God’s family there is neither rich nor poor
No one is labeled Jew or Gentile
The slave and the free are all one
None are tolerated
But all are accepted

What if when we leave this temporary place of lodging
When we exit these temporary bodies to travel home
And we receive our invitation for the Great Feast
The insatiable appetites of the temporary world will receive their full
There will be no mirrors, but only The Light

And at last when we think we are receiving our great reward
When we are directed to walk forward and open the door to see
As we turn the knob and slowly open the door in anticipation
It turns out we aren’t opening the door for us but for them

Sounds begin to fill the Great Hall
These sounds are quite unfamiliar to us, but somehow we understand them
For they are the sounds of every tongue and every tribe
The beholders of these words pour through the doors and fill the room
Our dismay is written on our face

For it is them that fill the seats
It is they who sit down for the Great Feast
What if I only see they
What if I’m just the one in a room full of them
And finally I find my seat, not at my table, but at theirs
I look around, feeling quite alone in my skin

The Light spreads throughout the room
He is also the King and he himself is our Feast
His presence removes all hunger and thirst
Under the illumination of his Light all look lovable and free

For then I finally realize that love is power

His power, which drew men unto him
Men who knew the darkness of their souls
Souls that were silenced by this world
Full of greed, and hungry for love

Now each one’s appetite is satiated
With an eternal love
That excites every sense within
And we are finally satisfied


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