I just wanted to give a shout out to o2thoughtful over at What's Your Point Caller in the UK. While on holiday, he's posted a few links for reading on the contemporary "missional" discussion.


Colin A. Lamm said…
Hello JK,

I also have gained a lot from 02thoughtful's Blog. In fact it was through him that I got linked to your site.

You left a comment on my Blog about the interview with Boyd and Warren. Perhaps this shows more of my incompetence when it comes to technology, but i have been unable to find that particular interview / discussion at the site you suggest. Currently I am looking at the information on "The Myth of a Christian Nation" through Amazon and If you have any other words of wisdom for me about how to link-up with this interview i would very much appreciate it. It sounds very intriguing. In fact, off the cuff it sounds a lot like the historians Noll, Hatch and Marsden's earlier book "The Search for Christian America" which I read a long long long time ago in a far off land . . .
Anonymous said…
Most gracious gentlemen. Thanks. Not sure I deserve it though.

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