Photo Frenzy!

I've managed to pare down my 600 photos to around 140 and I have divided them into three albums for everyone's viewing enjoyment. Alright, I know the first step is admitting my addiction... :) Unfortunately, my snorkeling pictures are from an underwater camera, but I may scan some of those in.

The first is Island of Maui, highlighting the landscape in particular with a family photos thrown in.
The second is Flowers of Hawaii, no explanation needed. I was pleasantly suprised at the clarity of some of these considering I am using a fairly basic digital camera.
The third is Isabelle Fun in Maui, showing a collection of photos of my absolutely adorable niece who just turned one a month ago along with the rest of my fam.

Once I get my brother's photos, I may add some of his to my collection, because he's got a good photographer's eye. Then again, it's hard to take a bad pic in Hawaii, because it's so stunning. Hope you can enjoy Maui vicariously through these photos. :)


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