I heard something this morning that I thought was too cool and I just couldn't pass up the chance to make it blog-worthy. A nice, short and sweet post before I leave for the next 2 weeks.

As Michaelangelo lay on his back, spending countless hours painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, an observer noticed that he was going to great lengths to meticulously paint the corners of the chapel ceiling. The observed asked, "Why are you so worried about that. No one will ever see the corners."

Michaelangelo quickly responded, without missing a beat, "God will."

To have such integrity in all of my work. How sweet a day that would be... The Good Book says that we should work at all things with all of our hearts as if working for God and not men. Kinda goes back to my last post. It's all about Him, not me.

Well, I am signing off for a good while now. I am going on holiday to Hawaii and I will return hopefully rejuvenated in two weeks. No blogging while I am gone...I'm taking a holiday from my computer as well. You can count on some photos when I return, because picture-a-holic is my middle name. Here are some of my primary goals for the trip: rest, surf, snorkel, photograph, find hidden gems and people, marvel at God.

May he make his face shine on you and give you peace for the sake of his glory. Later dudes and dudettes!


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