Humor, Taxes and being 93

Aunt Cora is an incredible woman. At 93 (don't tell her I said so), she's more active than many 60 or 70 year olds I know. I had the joy of driving her to the eye doctor this week and despite the fact that her good ear is on her right side, making conversation in the car when I am driving a bit difficult, we had many laughs. She is incredibly intelligent, witty, agile and genuinely fun to be around for a woman who is 93 years young. You honestly leave her presence feeling better about life, having encountered such a venerable, God-fearing, wise woman with a heckuva lot more life experience than you or I combined.

Two prime examples.

Recently (one or two years ago?), she locked herself out of her house on accident (again, you don't have to mention that to her). But, shoot, that's no obstacle. She just found a ladder and crawled in through a window.

Today, my parents, my sis, Aunt Cora and I went out for a round of coffee at the local coffeeshop, where we enjoyed conversation and good laughs. My sister had a question for her about her taxes. Quick background: Aunt Cora has been doing taxes for folks for decades. Michelle had a specific question about the tax code in Missouri, mainly regarding whether or not she should file a return. Aunt Cora chuckles and responds, "Ah, I wouldn't worry about it." To this, Michelle says, "Well, what if I end up in jail? Will you visit me?" Aunt Cora quips, "Yes, and I'll bring you a cake with a saw in it." What a woman. At one point, when telling us of the dashing new dress that she bought to wear to my cousin's wedding in Chicago, she said, "It's, silk." Was she going to say it was, dare I say, sexy? haha... Oh, if she ever came across this post, she'd have my head. Then again, she does have the internet. Quick...where's the delete key!


Aunt Cora sounds amazing.

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